Oleg Kornev est né mort en Sibérie sur le termofrost pendant la guerre froide...

Visual Artist, Performer, Media Producer

From the middle of 80th years Oleg organizes exhibitions-performances under themes «Totalitarian Romanticism» and «Mausoleum L», where the present and nearest past, similarly to an antique heritage, become objects of archeological excavations, various cults and rituals...

«Visuals are for me a process-art issue, a liquid substance which changes his quality in time, and I feel myself like a person who monitories of an alchemical process».

Since 1985 activities in Moscow underground music scene as photographer, designer and promoter. Collaboration with electro and new wave groups: «Notchnoi Prospekt», «Alisa», «Kabinet», «Doctor», «Brigada S» and underground scene promoter Vladimir Marochkin.
1986-video screening for V.Shumovs (“Center”) rock opera based on A.Rimbaud poetry (feat. Borisov (“Center”, “Notchnoi Prospekt”), Mamonov (“Zvuki Mu”), Aguzarova (“Bravo”)).

Oleg always collaborate with legendary NP

Expositions, Lives, Performances

1986 Movement aside spring
photo-exhibition of the Moscow Laboratory
of the Rock music. DK MIIT. Moscow
1989 "Myths and reality"
Youth Palace, Moscow.
"Erato and Erotica"
. Sadovniki, Moscow.
"Pressentiment de non-liberte"
(with O.Kulik). Youth Palace, Moscow.

1990 "The Logic of the paradox"
.Youth Palace, Moscow.
. Sadovniki, Moscow.
Inaugural exhibition of the Ephemeral Hospital,
1991 Gallery Fiat & Dhoye,
Gallery Christine Colas,
"Romantisme totalitaire"
(oms exhibition) Gallery Facade. Paris.
1992 Hopital Ephemere,
Gallery Saint-Gilles,
Oleg Kornev
(oms exhibition) UCAO. Oullins - France.
1993 "Romantisme totalitaire"
(oms exhibition) Briscope. Brignais - France.
Action "Rendre l'espoir 2" (oms exhibition) dont:
- "A la recherche de l'art"
Gallery Maroe-Pellat. Paris.
- "Exposition d'un jour et d'un tableau"
Gallery Catherine Fletcher.
- "Karaoke-Art"
Gallery Vitoux & Zylberman. Paris.
- "De nouvelles methodes"
Gallery Delsol & Innocenzi. Paris.

"La Quatrieme Rome"
(oms exhibition) The Coldfinch Club. Rome - Italie.
"Victimes d'un mauvais accrochage"
(oms exhibition) Gallery Maroe-Pellat. Paris.
1994 "Le monde du livre"
(oms exhibition) Espace Montjoie. Saint-Denis.
1995 "Un Cadeau Unique"
Gallery Lucien Durand. Paris.
"5000 ans de momification"
(oms exhibition) Mausolee L. Paris.
1996 "Hommage a Gagarine"
Mausolee L. Paris.
"Le debut de la fin"
Hopital Ephemere. Paris.
"Mandalas mecaniques"
(oms exhibition)Hong Kong Arts Club. Paris.
1997 "Recyclage"
Mausolee L. Paris.
Galerie K. Paris.
"Capsules du temps"
(oms exhibition)Presence 2. Paris.
1998 "Le Paradis Lapin"
Institut Hongrois. Paris.

Gallery K. Paris.
"Champs Elysees" (oms exhibition)LTA-Tradweb. Paris.
2004 Video for F.R.U.I.T.S. live at The Dom Cultural Center, Moscow - Russia.
"Est-Ouest". Lives of Volga. Die/Drome - France
"To Hear is To See"
. Toronto - Canada.
Rôle ephemere dans blockbuster “1,2,3 - Whiteout” de James Schneider. USA/Corse
Live of BENZO. Berlin - Allemagne.
MAK NITE Live of BENZO. Wiene - Autriche.
Minimax. Live of BENZO. Bratislava - Slovaquie
2006 Donaufestival. Live of BENZO. Krems - Autriche.
Kontracom 06. Live of BENZO. Salzburg - Autriche.

Video for Tooth Kink live at GEZ 21. Art-Center "Puschkinskaia 10" St.Petersburg - Russia.
Video for Land Rover presentation
. Moscow - Russia.
"Memory Traces" Performance of BENZO at Tesla Berlin - Germany.
Video for Notchnoi Prospekt live at The Dom Cultural Center, Moscow - Russia.

2009 Artwork for Mona Kalina (Mona Kalina/F.Korkuloff/Y.Torr)


audio: Mona Kalina - Addictive Game [friendly catastrophic web-remix]